Headstart by certified security

The security of information processing and business processes has become an essential factor of enterprise management covering risk assessment, reduction of losses and removal of security weaknesses. In the meantime, IT security has become an objective of national laws, is a prerequisite for participating in solicitation procedures and an important factor for clients and users.
On this background, Telekom Security offers services allowing an objective assessment and compliance certification for IT products and TSP processes in the area of the EU eIDAS Regulation and the German Trust Services Law (eIDAS Implementing Law).

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you are interested in one of the following topics:

1. Services for Trust Service Providers (TSP) and Identification Service Providers (ISP)
  • Conformity Assessment & Certification for TSPs and ISPs  according to the EU Regulation No. 910/2014 (eIDAS)
  • Conformity Assessment & Certification for TSPs according to ETSI EN 319 4xx / 5xx:
    Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures (ESI)
The Certification Body of Telekom Security (former Certification Body of T-Systems) is accredited by the DAkkS for the conformity assessment of TSPs and their trust services (accreditation certificate D-ZE-21631-01-00, annex to certificate; previous certificate D-ZE-12025-01-00).

2. Services for Product Developers, Manufacturers and Vendors
  • Conformity Certification for electronic signature creation devices according to the EU Regulation No. 910/2014 (eIDAS)
The Certification Body of Telekom Security (former Certification Body of T-Systems) is a Designated Body according to the EU Regulation No. 910/2014 (eIDAS) (see FESA).
Security Services and Solutions
HUAWEI Mobile Devices Mate 30 and 30 PRO compliant with PP for Mobile Device Fundamentals
ING Bank Śląski S.A. compliant with eIDAS as Identification Service Provider (ISP)
TSP IPEX S.A. compliant with eIDAS​​​​​​​
TSP Aangetekend B.V. compliant with eIDAS
TSP DGN Deutsches Gesundheitsnetz Service GmbH compliant with eIDAS
TSP medisign GmbH compliant with eIDAS
TSP Krajowa Izba Rozliczeniowa S.A. compliant with eIDAS
TSP Connect Solutions BVBA compliant with eIDAS
TSP Centrum Certyfikacji Kluczy CenCert, Enigma Systemy Ochrony Informacji Sp z o.o. compliant with eIDAS
TSP State Enterprise Centre of Registers under the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania compliant with eIDAS

Updated: 12.10.2021